On Top of the Hill

Adventure in Portland Part 2

J’s Oysters, Downtown Portland, ME

My next morning in Portland I found myself on top of a small hill overlooking a small tidal area. It was the perfect spot to sit and relax, to think. Two hours previously I had woken up in my hotel room not knowing what I wanted to do that day. I got dressed and headed down to the restaurant and got my buffet breakfast. While enjoying my eggs, bacon, sausage and black coffee I went on to Google Maps to see what was around to do. I found that the Fore Rive Sanctuary was only a mile down the road. I had found my Sunday morning activity.

Now I hate GPSs with a burning passion. I find them annoying, even though they can help you out in a pinch. This time though it fell on the side of hate with a burning passion. When I copied and pasted the location Google Maps gave me it brought me a mile past where I was supposed to go and brought me to some residential neighborhood. The residents must have thought I was some creepy guy scouting the neighborhood, when in actuality I was cussing out my phone and trying to find the correct entrance to the sanctuary. The entrance that had parking ended up being a mile back the way I came, stupid GPS. Continue reading “Adventure in Portland Part 2”


Adventure in Portland Maine Part 1

Old Battery from Fort Williams

So what do you do when you have a free weekend, no coaching responsibilities and Monday off? You go and explore a new city that’s what, and that is exactly what I did. I have a running list of places that I want to visit and Portland Maine happened to be on the list. So Friday after work I packed my jeep and headed north. I got to the around 8pm, had a mouth watering Ruben from the hotel restaurant and went to bed.


I started my day off early the next morning and was out the door by 8am. My first stop was Fort Williams, which I didn’t know was a fort until I arrived, located in South Portland. I knew nothing of location except for the fact that there was a famous lighthouse in the what is now a local park. The light house ended up being the Portland Head Light. A history of the lighthouse can be found at portlandheadlight.com/about. The old fort was pretty cool, it stretches out over 90 acres with running trails, and picnic areas spread throughout. What I really found fascinating was the old batteries still located on there. The guns were long gone but the structures still stood. There was one where you could walk around in; it is covered in graffiti now and run down but being able to walk through it and explore the area was awesome. On the path to one of the batteries was this old stone building that looked like it was victim to a fire at some point. I found out later that it used to be the house of a civil war general and was left up as a kind of memorial. It apparently you used to be able to walk around inside it and climb around but unfortunately it is all fenced off now. Continue reading “Adventure in Portland Maine Part 1”

Sports and Fitness Photography

IMG_0939 (2)

One of the areas of photography I have always wanted to be involved in was the Sports and Fitness genre. I played sports my whole life along with a love of watching them on TV. It makes sense that I would want to combine these two passions of mine. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try my hand at this genre of photography by my CrossFit gym. We had a celebratory “End of the CrossFit Open” BBQ, where everyone completed the final Open WOD (work out of the day) and then chowed down on some tasty food. I was able to take some killer pictures of some amazing individuals throughout the day. A big thank you to CrossFit Merrimack for the opportunity, and if you would like to check out some of the pictures from the day head over to my photography page at alexstafstrom.com , or on Instagram and Facebook.



The Shot Heard Around the World


One of the perks of being unemployed was that you get to finally go explore the places you have been meaning to go to but just never had the time. I was lucky enough to finally have one of those moments on my way back from Boston one morning. I didn’t feel like fighting the morning rush hour traffic to get into the city and eventually found my self driving to the Minute Man National Park. Living and growing up where I have gives me a great opportunity to visit a lot of the historical sights from the beginning of our country.

This morning of adventure I found my self walking down the path leading to the Concord River; the brisk New England winter air biting at my face. I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like back on April 19th, 1775. I was at the sight of the North Bridge. The exact spot where American Militia faced off against the British and started the American Revolution.

Growing up in New England only 45 minutes outside of Boston, 30 if you hit no traffic, we are surrounded by the history of the birth of our nation. As I walked up to the bridge where the standoff took place I couldn’t help but wonder why it had taken me this long to visit this place that would inevitably change the world. I’m 25 and grew up a town away from the bridge; I really had no excuse as to why it had taken this long.

Being a fan of history and the stories a place has to share, I was ecstatic to finally check this place out. It blew my mind to think that at this exact spot one of the biggest events in history took place. When ever I visit a place that has so much history / such a story to tell I always try to imagine myself during the time of what ever took place at that location. This was no different. I pictured my self standing there on the rivers edge watching as the militiamen stood up to the British army. Imagining the back and forth that must have taken place and then the ensuing battle where the militia men harassed the British soldiers all the way back to Boston. What an amazing but also scary event to have witnessed.

If you find yourself in the Boston area and have some time I would highly recommend checking out this spot. It’s not everyday that you can be in a location that has had such an impact on the whole rest of the world.

Updated Website

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I have updated my photography website. I changed the layout a bit and added some new pictures. If you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram you may have seen them already, but unfortunately it took me a longer to get them up on my site. If you are interested and want to check my “new” site out you can click the pictures button at the menu or follow this link: alexstafstrom.com.

screen shot of website



NYC and Back

0102-2016-1049789777435961035As much as the “Boston vs. New York” rivalry is ingrained in my body, I love heading down to NYC to visit and hang out with friends. The city has a completely different atmosphere than what I am used to; it is loud, busy, big, and unfamiliar. It is the unfamiliarity that keeps drawing me back; causing NYC to have a permanent spot on my list of places to visit.

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The Weekend Explorer Origin Story



Romance, adventure, heart break, themes that are typically found in Hollywood movies. Though not quite a blockbuster, these are all part of the origin story of The Weekend Explorer. Whether it was a single defining trip/experience or a thirst to do something more; everyone had a story.  Mine just so happens to have started all because of a girl, who changed my life forever.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew 2 Weeks ago

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Sunrise over Montreal

I love to travel, but during my child hood and teen years we were never able to with it being so expensive at the time, I am the oldest of 4 in a family of 6 with the youngest and I having a 10 year difference. Now that I am older and able I travel when ever I can. One of the big sticking points with me about travel and the majority of the reason why I never traveled sooner is how expensive I thought it was. If only I knew how cheap it can actually be with the help of some saving tips to help with costs. To give a real example, I only spent 150 on transportation and boarding last weekend for a trip to Montreal. Would have been less if I didn’t have to drive the 5 hours with a v8 Hemi haha.

Here is an article that will give you some tips to help you save for your next adventure.

via Dos And Don’ts: 10 Money-Saving Alternatives For Traveling Millennials.